Company name:


How much can I borrow?

Up to £400 for new customers, or up to £1,000 for returning customers.

When can I receive the loan?

Applications take several minutes and once approved, the money is sent within five minutes. It normally takes up to fifteen minutes to appear in your bank account.

What does this company offer?

Wonga offers quick loans, and allows you to choose exactly how much you want.

Am I eligible?

To apply with Wonga, you must be at least 18 years old, a UK resident, and have a bank account and debit card. You also need to have a mobile phone.

Further information:

Your credit history will be assessed when you apply, but you do not need perfect credit. Wonga was the first company to make payday loans automated. Your application may be denied, approved or referred, which means its details need to be checked more, and you will hear back within 24 hours. Their interest rate is capped at 0.8%, and if you have still not repaid the loan by 11pm three days after the due date, you may be charged £15. You can repay early with no penalties, and if you won’t be able to pay them back on time you should contact them to find a solution.


88 Crawford Street, London W1H 2EJ

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